Monday, April 22, 2013

Not Acting Your Age!

Not Acting Your Age!
Tanya and Don

Tanya and Don are my aunt and uncle. They are about as close to being my parents as you can get. At ages 66 and 67 years old they just won't act their age!

This weekend down in beautiful Mission Bay in San Diego they competed in The International Championship Triathlon. With over two thousand racers from all over the world. Instead of acting their age like most of their friends, they swam 1/2 a mile, biked 12 mi, and ran 3 miles. All three sports in under two hours.

All the while with big smiles on their faces, encouraging words for their fellow athletes, and that fierce glimmer of competitiveness in their eyes.

I know this because I've had the honor to race along side of them.

Just as inspiring, they raced along side the Paratriathletes in this championship race. These are the men and women, some military, whom have lost a limb or both limbs, or are paralyzed from the waist down and have to use a hand cycle. Oh and by the way the partially paralyzed ones still swim. Some are the same age as my aunt and uncle. Clearly not acting their age! And some are mere teenagers.

After many conversations with Tanya and Don and a few of the Paratriathletes I've met about why they do this sport and refuse to act their age and acknowledge their challenges here is what I have learned.

These exceptional people practice spiritual principle whether they know it or not.

Life hands them lemons but they don't make lemonade, these people make a #*%*&#@ lemon meringue pie!

They honor their God given bodies even if they physically aren't whole or a little on the mature side. Constantly pushing and challenging themselves to be the best they can be.

They refuse to be a victim of their circumstance. They get out in the world and let their inner light shine bright. At the same time encouraging and inspiring others to do the same.

After spending the day in awe of my aunt and uncle and the others mentioned, I ask you the reader, and myself included:

What's your excuse?! Do you act your age?!

I invite you to comment and share your own stories of personal challenge and triumph.

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