Friday, April 19, 2013

Can a Toyota Commercial Teach Us About Manifesting Our Dreams?

How many of us have wishes, desires, dreams? 
How many of us really know how to ask the Universe for them? 
 I saw a Toyota commercial this morning and it reminded me of how literal the Universe is in it's "granting our wishes." 
But first, knowing that our "thoughts thicken into things," (thank you for that quote, Dr. Heather, my teacher at CSLCV), how we think helps the Universe to give us exactly what we "wish" for. 
If we are not aware of what we're "wishing" for, we just may be "granted," the very things we DON'T want. 
For example, we constantly think about how broke we are, and never seem to escape this challenge. 
Well, because we constantly think that, the Universe "grants" our subconscious wish." 
We hear of friends or family who are sick with the flu and keep thinking how we don't want to get the flu, yet "know" we're going to get it because we're surrounded by it, then say, "Yup! I was right!" when we get the flu. 
How often to we manifest the very things we DON'T want.  
What if, it were just as easy to manifest the very things we DO want? 
Well, honey, you're in luck, because it IS! 
In the Toyota commercial below, let's pretend the genie is the Universe. It has a wand and says, "OK!" to all your dreams, goals, wishes, AND non-wishes!  
It gives an emphatic "yes!" to everything you put your attention on! 
Here's the video:

So, the lesson here is to be very careful where you set your attention, because, you will get exactly what you do set your attention on!

How do you change where you thinking is?

Be aware of it.

If you notice your thoughts sticking on the "flu," quickly, let it go and affirm, "I am ultimate health and energy."

Your work is done and the Universe says, "OK!" (and then, we can picture it waving it's wand sending ultimate health and energy to you!)

It's a Universal law. It works....just like gravity. You don't question gravity, do you? Then don't question this. If you do question it, then by all means, test it out and see what happens when you make the effort to shift your thinking!

Stay aware and keep your Universal genie waving it's wand granting everything you WANT!


Now it's your turn...share in the comments below how you have manifested something you did want or didn't want with your thinking? What was your lesson in it?