Friday, April 5, 2013

Are You Living Like the World is Flat?

That's a deep thought on the image...what does it even mean?

Last night I started a new class at The Center for Spiritual Living - Capistrano Valley.  I have been taking classes for a couple of years now and they have transformed my life...

...that said, last night's class BLEW my mind!  It literally pushed the limits of my comprehension about the vastness of life, the Universe and the tiniest of specks we really are in the Universe.
I would like to pull out a parcel of our discussion from last night in the hopes that it will expand your own thinking AND your awareness of how YOU are living YOUR life:

"...For instance, when people believed the Earth was flat, they lived as though it were, afraid to venture too far lest they fall off the edge.  So, to them, it might just as well have been flat.  We are so free, we can actually experience what has never actually been true as though it were." I read that again, it blows my mind all over again.  Here's why:

How often do we find ourselves living like the world is flat?

Scared to make a move towards what we really want because the "economy sucks," "my parents wouldn't approve," "my religion doesn't allow it," "I'm too old," "I'm too fat," "I have acne," "I have kids," etc., etc., etc.

I am sure that many of us have "bought into" those untruths at one time or another, and yes, they are untruths....just as are predecessors found out the Earth being flat was an untruth.

These are untruths because they are NOT the Truth of God, Universe, Buddha, Spirit, that Infinite Intelligence (call it what you will)!!

As humans, we can't even comprehend the entire Truth of the Universe, but we know it "ain't" broke, looking for approval, looking for excuses, draped in fear, and all the plethora of challenges we put on ourselves!  The Universe just flows.

If we truly live as the spiritual people we are, we live with one Truth:  that the Universe has our matter what.  When we let go of fear, excuses, our stories, and the idea that what we've been taught is correct, we THEN live purposefully, passionately and attract abundance, prosperity, happiness and all the things we want! Your life purpose becomes a reality!

That is when we experience what has never actually been true as though it were!

Listen, I'm a work in progress as well.  I'm continuing to teach what I have to learn as well.  I'm still getting my own head wrapped around the greatness of this idea.

I have worked to let go of the programming that was taught to me through my upbringing, the media, our culture, etc., however, this expands the work that needs to be done...

...but it's an EXHILARATING idea to contemplate.

What have I been allowing into my experiences that is UNTRUE, but I don't know it's untrue?!? What can I let go of, KNOWING, that it is no longer true because I decide it's not rather than waiting for someone to tell me it's untrue?

I encourage you to join us for this crazy, thought-provoking class! Every Tuesday from April 2 - June 4th, 7:00 p.m.  Change your beliefs, change your thoughts, transform your life with a group who have dedicated themselves to doing the same!

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