Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chit Happens

End of the road or path to enlightenment? 

Everything is Consciousness.  This statement or State of Being is what we know as metaphysicians.  What exactly it means has absolutely no charge whatsoever.  It just Is.

When it comes to analysis of our lives, we tend to look for reasons why certain things happen to us.  We've also heard, "Everything happens for a reason."  With this statement or way of believing we may try to "figure it out."  For in our minds, there has to be a reason why this or that has occurred in our lives.  In this way of believing there is a charge to it.  It's a sense of right or wrongness.  Did I do something to make it happen?  Could I have done something to prevent it?  When will it ever end?  Questioning for Spiritual Awareness or evolvement is a revelation.  Questioning with the intent of making or forcing things to happen will not assist in Awareness.

What if we tripped and fell?  Can we blame gravity?  Can we will gravity to stop working?  No, gravity is a law of physics, it works whether we will it or not. 

Yes, we know of Law of Attraction, however, everything starts in Consciousness.  We can say a million affirmations and remind ourselves to think positively all we want.  It will not change circumstances if the Consciousness is not there to sustain it.  We see this time and time again.  Why can't I find a mate?  Is there something wrong with me?  The answer to that question is "No!"  There is nothing "wrong" with anyone.  The problem is that the question is being asked in the first place which has an energy of something not being "right." 

Again, Everything is Consciousness.  Acceptance of who and what you truly are,  a sense of Peace with Self,   a calming of a knowing that all is right with the world.  A deep knowingness that It is All God.  Everything.  All the time.  No matter what.  Even in the midst of this or that.  It Is All God.  It's Perfect, it's Peace.

By the way, you wonder why Chit Happens? Chit or Cit is Sanskrit for Consciousness. See, everything truly is Consciousness.  Namaste.