Friday, April 12, 2013

Committing to a Creative Process

Committing to a Creative Process
Maybe artists are instinctively drawn to a creative process?
The topic of “Process” has been on my mind a lot lately. Recently while watching a video on illustrative design the instructor said something which stuck with me for days.
“It is said that practice makes perfect. I disagree. If your creative process is flawed then all practice does is make you a consistent purveyor of marginal work. Creating illustrative design successfully requires a consistent and systematic process.”
It rang true from a larger perspective too. All creation is a result of a creative process. Refining our creative process is the most profound work one can do. Our lives and our world are the results of that very process.

Practicing a "consistent and systematic" process sound like what it's all about.

At the Center for Spiritual Living we are all students of the creative process recognizing that the world is built on universal principles.

I look around the Center for Spiritual Living, there are people from many walks of life, but there are a large amount of artists both professionally and in practice.

Maybe artists are instinctively drawn to a creative process? I wonder.

Our creative process takes place in our minds.

Recognition, there is One Power
Unification, I am this Power
Realization, it is already so
Thanksgiving, I feel grateful
Release, I let go and so it is.

And I am again amazed and excited about our gift of creative control and I recommit to being a good student of this magnificent creative process.

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