Saturday, April 27, 2013

We Are Spiritually Supported Always

During our Tuesday night class on The Essential Ernest, students were asked to write a paper on how their thoughts create their reality. Pat  Brencic used what she knows about the importance of a positive attitude to create positive results in her life. She learned  something  about judgment and perception as well. Her writing is so beautiful; I wanted to share it with you. 

One of my greatest joys is to see students awaken to the power of their own minds. I love to see how the Universe is always supporting us. I love that we are always at choice about how to use our minds. The following was submitted by Pat Brencic, a long time student of the Science of Mind.


"I was driving north on Coast Highway headed for watercolor art class--my favorite activity of the week! I was listening to a favorite Streisand CD, “Higher Ground.” A mellow mood of peace surrounded me as Barbra sang, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”  As I listened, my heart was bursting with appreciation for the warmth of the day, the sunshine, the beauty of my surroundings.

When I arrived at my destination and began to collect my painting gear, I realized my purse was missing. I looked everywhere—under the seat, in the back, in the trunk! In a matter of seconds, my serene mood gave way to panic. I vacillated between disbelief and reality. My heart beat loudly and irregularly. A sick liquid rose from my belly into my throat. An all-too-familiar voice shuddered through my body: “How could you be so stupid?” “How can I ever trust you?” “Look what you’ve done, now!”

Humiliated, I turned the car around to return to the coffee shop where I’d placed my purse on the counter while I added cream to my coffee. Doubtless, innumerable customers had been there in the meantime. In my mind I sorted through the content of my purse--$200 in cash, credit cards, drivers license and bank debit card—potentially an irresistible temptation to a desperate human being. I thought of the varied patrons of the coffee shop and of the two Vietnamese, who worked there, particularly of Dennis, the cook, who spoke few words, seldom made eye contact and whose face never showed any expression.

My body and mind were beset with distrust, discouragement and shame as I began to retrace the route I had driven earlier under an aura of gratitude and blessing. How was it possible that the flavor of my reality could change so quickly from light to dark, from joy to hopelessness when nothing had actually happened in those brief minutes? Nothing at all changed except MY THOUGHTS!

 In a moment of clarity, I realized that I had a choice. The result of this event in my life remained unknown. I could spend the next 15 minutes of my drive painting the outcome with fear, shame and mistrust. Or . . . I could try to unearth and reestablish the sense of gratitude and appreciation that had colored my earlier trip along this route. Knowing this was a pivotal moment, I made my choice for the latter. I turned Barbra on again, trusting her voice to reengage my earlier vibrant mood. As she sang, “I Believe,” I visualized people going in and out of the coffee shop and sent them thoughts of blessing and good will. I imagined good fortune for the couple who operated the shop. Several times, doubts overwhelmed me, but I also remembered my ability to choose again!

My purse was nowhere in sight when I entered the coffee shop once more. With little hope I asked the small, shy woman behind the counter if anyone had found my purse. She paused for a moment, and then reached behind her. Her eyes showed delight when she handed me my purse and said, “Dennis found it!” In that moment my heart swelled so much that I thought it would burst out of my body. I couldn't speak! So, by way of saying “thank you” I reached in my purse, took a large bill out and held it out to her. She shook her head and backed up, refusing to accept it, even when I tried again and again. I suspect it may have shocked her that I was crying. How could she know the depth of the lesson she had brought me that day.

When I returned to my car and started it up again, Barbra was singing, “We are standing on Holy Ground.” Isn't Barbra amazing!"

Here is a challenge for all of us: Next time you are tempted to fret, fear and make scary stories about your future, remember Pat's story, its lessons and its happy ending.

Don't Worry Be Happy!
And So It Is!