Monday, April 15, 2013

Do You Suffer From Woundology?

Do you suffer from Woundology?
Do you suffer from Woundology?

In the book, "Anatomy of Spirit"by Caroline Myss, PHD, she explains woundology this way. "Our culture has become therapeutically fluent by creating a language of intimacy. We now use the revelation and exchange of our wounds as the substance of our conversation as the glue that binds a relationship. We have become so good at this that we have converted our wounds into a type of Relationship Currency that we use in order to control situations and people.

When I first read this I had to read it over a few times. To a certain extent that was me!

Raised by an alcoholic mother I had all kinds of reasons why I did things the way I did as an adult. It became my "get out of jail free card" when conflict arose in relationships. I would often declare,"that's the way I was raised and I can't help it!" Sometimes even pursuing solace with other "victims"of alcoholics.

My world was blown apart when I really started to study the Principles of Science of Mind.

Here is what I now know as I continue to study and live Science of Mind.
  • You always have free will  
  • No one is ever a victim
  • Every event in your life happens for your greatest good
  • The act of helping someone else actually helps you too
  • Don't wallow in your woundology take the necessary steps to heal then let it go and move on  
I used to say to people that one day I would like to go into a therapeutic profession where i could help other "victims" such as myself. I would never want to work with "those people"(substance abusers)

Well, be careful what you declare! God decided that that's exactly what I needed to do. The Universe put an old therapist friend of mine on my path new path. My friend offered me a cooking job. I was to cook for a certain type of people. He and two other therapists own a detox house and needed a chef to create healthy high caloric meals for people coming off drugs and alcohol. My first thought was no way! Then I remembered I always loved nurturing people with my food. Why would this be any different? I couldn't and wouldn't turn them down. I was definitely being called into action.

So far my first experience with "those people" has been fantastic and enlightening. They are your sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, your best friend etc. They are lovely people just like you and me trying to heal their "Woundology."

Don't be afraid to acknowledge your own "Woundology"if you have any. As you can see, God has many principles to help you through. Life is waiting for you to heal and and share your gifts with the rest of the world!

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