Sunday, June 9, 2013



On Wednesday night, Rick Dale and I had the blessed opportunity to share an inspiration talk entitled, Practice Makes The Master.  This title came from a quote I heard from author and Toltec teacher, Don Miguel Ruiz, which states, Practice makes the master. It's not about learning; it's about taking action and practicing your art (your art, meaning everything you create in your life).  As an artist, if you practice love and you keep practicing and practicing, the moment comes when everything you do is an expression of your love.  How will you know when you have mastered love?  When the story you tell yourself is an ongoing romance.”

I LOVE that...when the story you tell yourself is an ongoing romance!

So, we decided to share some simple daily practices which could be instrumental for just about anyone to experience an ongoing romance with life.  
  • Practice Love--Share your love through Love Lingual:  quality time, touch, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, or service to others.
  • Practice Silence--Get quiet, even if it's just for just a few minutes during the day to allow Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Peace to move through you.
  • Practice Gratitude--Ponder someone for whom you are truly grateful and write them a note to let them know how much they mean to you.
  • Practice Balance--Balance your life between work, rest and play.  Take the time to rest, even if it means missing out on something else.  Your body and mind with thank you.
  • Practice Saying "No!"--Say, "No" to what is not working in your life and say, "Yes!" to a greater idea that does serve you.
  • Practice Joy/Fun--Even if you're not feeling the joy, go out and find some fun to be had, even if you have to go to a playground and swing.  It can change your whole physiology and your attitude.
These are just a few basic ideas that can help you experience an ongoing romance with life and so easy to implement.  As Rick stated at the end, "Court life; light some candles; take Life out on a date; treat It with LOVE!"

PS.  I have to say that the pinnacle of the evening for me was watching my beloved 16 year old daughter get up in front of everyone and sing the song, "There Is Only Love".  Her raw (untrained) talent shone through and moved us all to tears.  Click on this link to hear the sweetness: