Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Misery loves company

Last Sunday, at the Center for Spiritual Living, Capistrano Valley, Reverend Heather spoke about joining into an agreement of a misery mindset.  Some seem to constantly discuss sorrows and will gravitate towards others who will agree that those sorrows are rightfully justified.  Some live in those sorrows and are attached to them.  Some feel defined by those sorrows.  What if those sorrows were given up?  Granted, not all sorrows have the same gravity, knowing the difference can distinguish between a misery conversationalist and a true request for prayer.

It's not unusual to be held captive by a misery conversationalist.  They are the ones that seem to require a lot of your time, attention and don't get hints of your plan to escape.   What if you become stuck with an misery conversationalist?  What should you do?  If our first instinct is to correct them and try to help them find the errors of their ways, this may not be a very productive approach.  Remember they want you to be in agreement with them.  They are usually not there to be in agreement with you and usually don't want a lesson.  Correcting a behavior takes time, longer than just a casual conversation.  Also, they may not even recognize or want to recognize they are a misery conversationalist.  Another method is to walk away from the conversation, though this may appear rude, it is effective.  These two methods are ways to give the misery conversationalist fodder to discuss with other misery conversationalists about You.

Here's a new approach.  When Reverend Heather spoke last Sunday she used the phrase, "That's just awful."  What about changing the phrase to, "That's just awe full."  When you enter into a conversation with a misery conversationalist and they ask for an agreement, respond with," That is just awe full."  In your mind you can know and embrace the goodness of God is all around and is full of awe whatever you gaze your eyes on.  The person you are speaking with will think you are agreeing with misery, instead, you are in agreement in a different manner. You are in agreement with them in the aweness of God.  We'll all be the wiser.