Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happiness While Seeing Goodness in Strangers

Happiness While Seeing Goodness in Strangers
Happiness While Seeing Goodness in Strangers

I rarely watch the news. I especially do not watch the news late at night or watch CNN(Constantly Negative News) twenty-four hours a day. It is good to keep informed, I just don't want to immerse myself in the "muck and mire of things."

While browsing facebook the other day I came across a video that makes my heart happy. It shows ordinary people making a difference in life by doing things in extraordinary ways. Until I found it on Youtube, I didn't know it was Russian. I trust that you can see the beauty of these acts of kindness through the filter of Love.

In our Declaration of Principles, Ernest Holmes wrote:

"We believe in the eternal goodness, the eternal loving-kindness, and the eternal givingness of life to all."
What we put our attention on multiplies. This month I will be exploring the theme of happiness. Let us multiply happiness together!

I invite you to look for good events and activities. Notice other people being kind and considerate. remind yourself that we believe in eternal goodness.

I have seen bits of Russian dashcam footage in the news to show stormy weather, police shootings, or other violent activities. I also remember footage from the meteor that landed and caused such chaos.

The video I invite you to watch is spliced together short shots from various dashcams. Some of the quality is poor but I invite you to watch. I needed several tissues because goodness makes me leak a little!

Maybe this will inspire you to go the extra mile and make someone's day happier.