Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Where’s the fun in that?

Last week on the Hay House World Summit 2013, I heard an interview with Deepak Chopra.  At one point in the conversation he spoke about fun.  He mentioned something in regards to the responsibility of bringing fun to relationships, entering into relationships that are fun, which will then lead to having a life of fun.  Fun + Fun = Fun.  With this I pondered about the fun in everyday life.  

In my day to day working environment, I have the opportunity to work face-to-face with the public.  Often times I ask for their email address for communication purposes.  On occasion, a pause will come, and look of embarrassment will wash over their face before actually speaking their address.  This happens, usually, because these addresses were created when they were much younger and carefree.  Some of the addresses are comical and funny.

In 2008 I chose to open a Twitter account.  I remember vividly making the choice to create my username.  At this stage in the game of life I was a full-fledged adult.  I was married with children and I was not young and carefree.  However, I looked at twitter as a fun site, not the informational carrier it is today.  I chose the username @funsep.  I remember thinking about wanting my life to be full of fun.  Flash forward to the present 2013 me in the world of twitter.  At times, I find myself in similar situations as the public I work with.  However, I created this username when I was an adult, I was fully aware of the choice.  Knowing that, I remind myself the reason I created it in the first place. I want my life to be full of fun.  Fully embracing my choice, I see my username as an affirmation and a proclamation.

Affirmation: Today I look for the fun in my everyday life.  I bring fun as me. The party starts as me.  I enter into conversations of laughter.  I am light-hearted with humor and fun!

And So It Is. Amen.