Friday, June 7, 2013

The "Secret" to Affirmative Prayer

Last week in our "Essential Ernest" class, Dr. Heather shared a magical secret to make our affirmative prayers more effective when we may be challenged with feeling the emotion of having the very desire we are praying for in our lives.

Feeling what it is like to already have that (insert prayer request) in your life is extremely critical in saying an effective prayer.

The subconscious mind doesn't know a prayer from reality, but if you're happy about it, it goes into action to create more happiness, thus attracting that very thing into your life.

So, what's the secret?

If you finding yourself having difficulty connecting with the feeling of that prayer manifesting in your life, pray for something that you already have in your reality AND that you are so grateful to have!

When you do this, you already know you have it...your ego even knows it, so it cannot step in to whisper "sweet nothings...," and I do mean sweet NOTHINGS in your ear about how you don't have what you're praying for.

When you know you have something, you feel it.  You feel it to the core of your existence.

Take that feeling, then, into the prayer where you affirm what it is you want to see in your reality next!

When you're already in the feeling of it, you simply continue it and become a manifesting machine...because remember, that thing you wish to bring about, is already yours.

It's simply awaiting you to receive it with open arms and gratitude.

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