Thursday, June 27, 2013

Instantly Answered Prayers are Possible!

Raise your hand if you believe in instantly answered prayers. Is your hand in the air? Mine is! To be honest, I didn't exactly believe it in my heart-of-hearts until this week. Let me clarify. I have enjoyed answered prayers often, but up until this week, I had not experienced an instant, right-in-the-moment-the prayer-is-spoken manifestation.

I pray daily, usually multiple times a day; little prayers and big prayers, but, occasionally, I'm so wrapped up in my doubts or justifications or negative beliefs, that I can't truly embody the truth for myself and I need to see a practitioner. A practitioner is someone so clear in his or her communion with Spirit that he or she can know the truth for you even when you can't know it for yourself.

So, back to my instant manifestation.

This past Sunday I walked into the Center with some anxiety about a photography session scheduled that day. I told the practitioner about the anxiety and the whole story as to why I was feeling anxious. I also told her that I knew I wanted to be confident, calm and peaceful during my photo shoot. Smiling, she said, "Ok."  I expected her to say more but she just listened and each time I said what I wanted she just said, "Ok." When I was done, we closed our eyes and my practitioner prayed out loud.

As she spoke, the feeling in my body changed. Instantly, I felt more grounded and centered. I didn't just think "confident" any more, I embodied confidence. My breathing became deep and smooth. When she was done, I knew it was done. My request instantly set in motion.

I felt wonderful all day. When I got to my photo session, the beach was crowded and parking was full, but I stayed calm and confident. Anytime a challenge came up, I responded easily with wisdom. When I got home, I uploaded my photos and was overwhelmed by the abundance of beautiful, well-focused, nicely composed, perfectly lit photos.

My request demonstrated and my life changed forever!

One thing I love about this teaching is that Ernest Holmes basically said (and I'm paraphrasing here) try it, test it, see it for yourself. We can study all about principle and prayer, but the real way to know it's power is to experience it for yourself.

Do you want to instantly release whatever is holding you back? Do you want to live your dream now? Come visit us at the Center and see a practitioner! Or visit our website ( for a list of practitioners and email one today!