Friday, May 10, 2013

Finding A Mother's Day Gift In San Clemente

Marigolds in a milk carton, one of the first gifts I remember giving to my Mom on Mothers Day.
Oh the elusive Mother's Day gift. I actually feel like a much better gift giver after Rev. Dr. Heather's talk last Sunday.

As preschoolers and elementary students we are guided through these Mother's Day projects. We are filled with excitement and the joy of giving. We know our Moms will love what we have to give them.

As we get older, at least in my experience, those gifts become harder to find. It feels more challenging to find something, especially before you have your own income, your own way to get to the store. You learn that grown ups generally have the means to buy what they really want.

We know the language of love includes gifts. But what do we have to give?

Last Sunday I was reminded of just how much there is to give.

There are always gifts to be given.
They don't need money and they don't require transportation to get you to the store. They won't clutter up your house with dust collecting chachkies.

It's not the gift. It's the thought behind it.
I know this is true. I have come to believe the best gifts come from LISTENING. What do we listen for? Rev. Dr. Heather articulated both the question and the answer for me last Sunday.

How do the people in your life want to be loved?
  • gifts
  • quality time
  • touch
  • service
  • words of affection
  • affirmation & praise
I do believe these gifts would be on the list of any Mom.

Mom, I just want to thank you.