Monday, May 20, 2013

Are You Somatized?

Are You Somatized?
Are You Somatized?

This is the direct definition of Somatized in my hypnotherapy school: Too much stress in the brain that can't be vented out so it goes somewhere in the body to be vented  out later. Or it can manifest later as symptoms.

Have you ever been going along quite nicely with your life, or so you thought, then all of a sudden you start to have chronic back, neck or shoulder pain?  Or any unexplained pain without an event? After awhile you visit your doctor and after a battery of tests they find nothing wrong with you?

You see all the symptoms in the body are felt or seen as images and expressed as words. Sometimes the body is expressing a symptom that is stress. Or your body has certain needs that must be met like adequate rest, proper nutrition or just the opportunity to have the time to process and vent stress.

Your subconscious mind knows exactly what your body needs. The problem is your conscious mind doesn't want to give it. The conscious mind has 12% consciousness, it has logic, reason, willpower, a voice, decision making, and superior judgement. All of this in our beautiful frontal lobes.

Are you with me so far? Here's where it gets tricky. The subconscious mind has the maturity of a nine year old. So like a hysterical nine year old not getting its way its going to retaliate and cause symptoms of pain in strategic areas of the body until it gets its way. This could go on for years. Often leading to depression and withdrawal from society in extrem cases. All the conscious mind needs to do is give permission to the subconscious mind so all the body's needs are being met.

In Science of Mind we know that the mind, body and spirit are all connected. We don't need to experience all these body syndroms as we call them in hypnotherapy.

Ways to make this happen are meditation, proper rest so your mind can vent out negatives in the third stage of sleep, paying close attention to your thoughts and stress reduction. And of course go and see your friendly Hypnotherapist!

Bottom line is be aware of Somatizing yourself. And have a good cry once in awhile. It's free and very effective.