Friday, May 31, 2013

Manifesting at 4am in San Clemente

Full moon over headquarters in San Clemente

It was something I used to do and while it was truly profound it somehow made its way to the backburner. I was religious about it. It was my favorite part of the day.

My "4am Hour of Manifesting" was replaced with childcare and sleep deprivation, a brief seasonal imbalance.

But that time has passed. The baby is a toddler and a nice solid sleeper at that. Keep her up one more hour at night and I have my precious morning time back.

I feel like the kryptonite has been removed from my immediate vicinity.

That magic early morning time to have a cup of coffee, journal, stare off into space, reveiw goals. It always centers me for the day.

Some pretty amazing manifesting happened at 4 am. It was a really creative time. I can see the cause and effect looking back.
  • I really wanted to see my brothers together, in the same room. I actually crossed it off my wish list because it was truly in the "snowball in hell" category. But it happened.
  • I wished to make an addition to our family. After 5 years of "infertility" Kate happened.
And its strange because it doesn't seem like much and yet it can move mountains. You feel like you aren't doing anything but then you look back and see the path.

Taking time to get quiet and listen whether that means meditation or listing to music, taking a walk in nature or spacing out to a cup of coffee.

It's that time to plug into the infinite of it all.

Enjoy this capture of the full moon setting over the ocean down by the San Clemente Pier. It was taken on one of my "Manifesting Mornings."