Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Can you spare a little change?

Working from the core to balance change
Working from the core to balance change 

The theme of the month at the Center for Spiritual Living, Capistrano Valley is Balance: Working from the core.  In deep, Spiritual unfoldment, we may work to keep our bearings straight, to recalibrate & to get to a place of balance. 

What I find interesting is how some of us make a choice to embark on a Spiritual journey and sometimes don't look back to reflect on what we have accomplished.  Some of us start on this journey with a deep sense of regret, a distrust of belief or a skepticism that is accompanied with a chip on our shoulder.  We have a sense of, "I'll believe it when I see it" mentality.  And then, we start to lighten our load, we start to see things in a different manner.  We start to even out the scale by dumping some of our old beliefs & thoughts. When we come to this part of our journey, it is good to look back at where we began.

I remember a time where de-cluttering was necessary, I happened upon some old journals and old recommended reading books.  What I noticed in my journal was interesting.  I read passages in the journal that I didn't recognize.  I really didn't remember writing the words on the page.  What was really interesting about the words were that they were very profound.  I was surprised on the depth that was contained in the pages.  What I realized is that, even if you are sometimes wearing a mask, Truth is still lighting your Soul. Circumstances may have led to me to a place when I piled heart-hardening layers on top, but deep-down, the knowing and trusting of Truth was still inside.  So I honored the me that was on the journey at that space in time.  I recognized the work that was necessary to bring to a place of balance in Mind, Body and Spirit.

In regards to the old recommended reading books, another interesting discovery.  I noticed sentences highlighted on many of the pages.  I read those passages and couldn't figure out why I found that particular sentence of importance.  In fact, I found other non-highlighted sentences even more worthy of my attention.  Again, on my journey at that time, this was most important during my Spiritual growth and now it's changed.  To this day, I've given up highlighting books.

So in our time of Spiritual growth, remember each step is a little change.  When you take the move to the next stepping stone a recalibration to balance occurs.  Once steady you can move on to the next stepping stone.  This continues over the course of growth until one day you look back and don't even recognize the image of the person on the first stone.  This person that was so certain to be right in their thinking has shifted.  Honor the person who you were at that time and the one who has evolved to this time.  Allow yourself to move at the pace that was meant for you.  Remember not to criticize your own growth, just spare yourself a little change.