Friday, May 3, 2013

How the Boston Bombings Helped Me Understand God

We are one with all.  Allow me to shine my light into the darkness.
I am a student in Dr. Heather's "The Essential Ernest" class, which takes a deep dive into the principles of Science of Mind.

In the two years I have been in classes, I can honestly say, that I have experienced a very natural understanding and implementation of the principles in my life.

I have come to understand that everything that happens in the world is absolutely perfect.  The only challenge I have had in this principle is when an act of hatred maims and kills innocent people.  How could they have created that in their lives?

These questions have come up in previous classes, yet I have not completely understood or embodied the answers that have been given...

...until last night.

I wrote Dr. Heather's statement down exactly as she spoke it because it hit me so profoundly that I cried...

"We can use what is going on in the world as a treatment (prayer) request from the Universe as something that needs spiritual work."

She went on to explain that when these horrific experiences occur, "we pray (and affirm) for a world that is so aware of it's oneness that we create a peaceful, loving world that doesn't practice violence on itself."


Here's my take on why...

God cannot work through minds that are riddled in fear, anger, resentment, etc.  It cannot create peace through a mind that doesn't know peace.

God can only work through those who know and embody love, peace, joy, abundance...all the qualities that IT is. 

When something tragic occurs in our world, those of us who know that Reality is the Truth of God, we are equipped to recognize that the tragedy is NOT the Truth of God, and pray to affirm the Truth, which is peace, harmony and collaboration.

That perceived reality (the tragedy itself) was created out of fear, anger and resentment...NONE of those are God qualities, therefore, those who know and embody the qualities CAN create a different reality.

We do that by affirmatively praying and giving thanks for a world that works for everyone.  A world that is full of peace, joy, love, etc.

So, in class last night, I fully got that the Boston bombing was a message from God, to me (and everyone else who knows the Truth of God), to pray.

The Universe needs our help to heal our emotions, our cities, our country, and our world. We've been called into service by a tragedy.  Allow us to give of ourselves and be a channel of this great Divine Intelligence and let's pray.