Monday, May 6, 2013

The Teeter Totter of Life

The Teeter Totter of Life

This month's theme of Balance at our center came at a perfect time in our families' life.
We are in the process of moving and looking for a new place to live, staying in the same town.

Our two girls are old enough to have a say, or an opinion at least. Which makes things even more difficult. One night after dinner we practiced Science of Mind by putting in our "order" to the Universe. On a piece of paper we wrote down specifically what we wanted our new house to look like and how it would fulfill our needs. We left one thing out. Location.

That's when you-know-what hit the fan. My husband and I figured we would make our search wide and look all over town. House hunting can be so depressing. Sometimes I really don't want to know how my fellow man or woman lives. As our search continued I noticed that old familiar voice inside my head trying to convince me that this ordering from the Universe is pie in the sky. I had to do a quick check in with my dear friends Reverend Pattie and Juli.

Back on track. Except that the 15-year-old wants an old funky beach cottage so she can walk to the beach and surf everyday. No matter that the 1960's kitchen oven was the size of my kids' Easy Bake Oven when they were little.

The 12-year-old wants to be in Rancho SC so she can be close to her friends and school.

It got to a point where one or the other kid wouldn't look at a house based on its location.

My husband is easy and tends to lean to wherever everybody is happy.

So here I am not even thinking of my needs and trying so hard to do the impossible by trying to please everyone else.

I did Affirmative Prayer everyday. And kept the faith. But I still felt very unbalanced. My teeter totter of emotions wouldn't stop. The message Dr Heather gave today reminded me to Bend At My Knees and once I'm physically balanced then I may attain Spiritual Balance.

I'm happy to report that we did find our perfect family home. It may not be in the location that one of the girls wanted but ultimately everyone is happy. You know what? The location and everything about the house suits mine and my husbands needs perfectly so at the end of the day I also learned to Balance and Center myself and remember that my needs are important too. Because you know how the old saying goes, "If mom is happy then everyone is happy!"

How is the Balance in your life? Are you remembering to Bend at the Knees?