Friday, May 17, 2013

Letting Go With Balance Meditation

The Joy of Meditation
I marked the chapter "Letting Go With Balance"
in my new book "The Joy of Meditation."
"The Joy of Meditation" by Jack & Cornelia Addington finally arrived. I have wanted to read this book ever since I spotted it on the "Meditation is More Than You Think" course syllabus.

Just as I suspected, the book did not disappoint and I read it all the way through in a day by slipping it into my purse and using every spare opportunity to read it. It was an exciting read for me as I 'heard' new information concerning meditation.

New Meditation Take Aways

Meditation is not a time to ponder your problems but a time to connect to source.

Meditation is a letting go, a listening for what is already there.

Answers deriving from meditation do not necessarily arrive during meditation.

Letting Go With Balance

There is one meditation that holds big promises. "This is a meditation that is apt to mark a turning point in your life. It could provide you with a dramatic spiritual experience everything you use it." I would recommend you read this chapter (and the book for that matter) in its entirety but here is a synopsis so you can get the general idea.

Part 1 - The Release

"I am letting go with balance."

"So, with a feeling of perfect balance, trusting in the Power within, we are going to let go of every problem. And now, we individualize our meditation by taking our worriesome thoughts, our uneasy feelings, our fears and misgiving, and letting them go with balance."

The inner dialogue would list everything, punctuating each item with "letting go with balance" until you have exhausted the list.

Part 2 - The Accepting

The mantra is "God is able." Repeating the prior list, but by prefacing the statement with "God is able ..."

And another "aha moment" for me came when I read this passage:

"You do not have to relate the God is able to your outer affairs. The quotation is to be used as a mantra until you feel the Power stirring within you." I think in prior meditations, especially guided meditations, I have felt the need to imagine solutions on the spot or to search for something specific instead of allowing the experience to unfold.

I highly recommend this book to anyone curious about meditation.

"The Joy of Meditation" is available at If you use the following link a portion of the purchase goes to the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley at no cost to you.