Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Identity Prayer by Dr. John Waterhouse

The Identity Prayer by Dr. John Waterhouse
The Identity Prayer
When I had the opportunity to speak at Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley several weeks ago, I invited everyone to recite a short prayer with me, which I call The Identity Prayer.  Our community in Asheville, North Carolina recites this simple prayer every Sunday morning during our Celebration of Life.  To me it perfectly expresses our Divine Nature from a Science of Mind perspective.

I know there are some who think that reciting a prayer has little more than ritualistic value, but this has not been my experience. By reciting this prayer every Sunday, members of our community are being deeply affected.  Many no longer read the words, but instead close their eyes and go to that place at the center of their being, not only to speak words, but to embrace their deepest meaning as absolute Truth. There is always a sense of peace and sacredness as they are simultaneously spoken and heard by everyone.

We hold this prayer as our standard for how we seek to be in the world. See what you think…

“I know that within myself there is that Life which is Perfect, Complete, Divine. It was never born and cannot die for it lives and is God. Within myself is the Wholeness, Peace, Poise and Power of Life. This Life is Health, It is Abundance, It is Love. There is One Life and it is the Life of God and This is my Life now!”                                             And So It Is!

I believe that anyone who allows these ideas to flow from their lips and into their heart is blessed with a greater sense of spiritual self-awareness.  I’m going to invite everyone who joins me at Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley on Sunday, May 19th to say this prayer with me again.

If you start saying this prayer daily between now and then, we could proclaim this Truth together from the depths of our hearts on that Sunday morning.  Now that would be a divine expression of great proportion!

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